High-speed card encoder

For OEM installations

This MagStripe card encoder can personalize standard ID-1 (or custom sizes) paper or plastic cards with an as yet unsurpassed encoding quality and at speeds up to 4,000 cards per hour. The encoder is designed with OEM personalization machine installations in mind where the card transport cannot be interrupted. 

The Semi-LWR for retrofitting

For both machine manufacturers and system integrators alike, the task of interrupting an existing card transport mechanism for the purpose of introducing an encoder, for example, can be a daunting one. The Semi-LWR responds to these challenges by taking advantage of the control electronics and just those mechanical components of the highly successful LWR encoder that are responsible for the magnetic head movement. The card transport is then untouched and remains the full responsibility of the machine manufacturer.

MagStripe card encoding

Targeting professional personalization stations, the Semi-LWR processes all three tracks of standard credit card sized (paper and plastic) magnetic stripe cards at a fast 5.000 cards per hour, and provides both HICO and LOCO functionality. Serial and/or I/O signals form the communication path between the machine’s transport controller and the Semi-LWR, which will know when a card is in its encoding position. The encoded cards are read to check the encoded values, and any discrepancy is alerted to the host controller.

Thinking outside the box.

An optionally available magnetic head withdrawal function retracts the head so that cards can pass through the device when encoding is not required to ensure that neither the head be subjected to unnecessary wear nor the card subjected to undue scratching.

This incredibly effective type of integration requires exemplary interaction between the machine manufacturer or system integrator and Rinas Gerätetechnik. As soon as the unit is integrated, Rinas will no longer have sole control of the card transport, its anchoring or for ensuring the head-to-card distance is at its optimum. Only when these three key conditions are met can the Semi-LWR prove its encoding quality.

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