This encoder can personalize and read all three different types of ID-1 cards (MagStripe, RFID or Smart Card). Besides its unique and as yet unsurpassed encoding quality and engineering durability, the system is equipped with a scanner and has provision for a monochrome print attachment.

The CS-LWR is a personalization station in compact form

This personalization system comprises tried and tested components (card separator and stacker) and is based around the well-accepted and widely-used LWR universal encoder. The robust construction of this unit is purposefully designed for round-the-clock operation in harsh environments where up to 3,600 cards can be separated per hour. The throughput is, however, very much dependent on the encoding, scan or print processes being used for the application.

Scan and printer extensions

The high-resolution print unit uses the same HP ink jet expertise in use by millions of office printers. The print head is capable of printing monochrome alphanumeric fonts, barcodes, 2D codes and Matrix Codes at resolutions up to 600 dpi on fat-free paper or plastic cards at a staggering 30 m/min. The scanner, which is typically used for data acquisition or print control, recognises all common typefaces, barcodes and even 2D and Matrix Codes.

Card Parameters

Card Dimensions (ID-1)

Card Thickness

Card Types

Encoding Parameters and Accessories

Magnetic Stripe

MagStripe Location





For data acquisition or print control

Print Module (Ink Jet)

Equipment Parameters


Dimensions L/W/H (mm)



Capacities (0.76 mm)


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