Professional Scanner unit

For reliable code and text recognition

This compact scanner, with its built-in LED illumination, is able to detect a variety of one and two dimensional codes and text using state-of-the-art electronics and powerful software algorithms while a card passes by at full production speed.

Identification and image processing

Solving complex image processing applications in a short amount of time – that is the challenge when recognising and evaluating specific information in the form of text or even a one or two dimensional code such as a barcode or QR Code at full production speed. Using the Rinas scanner, this task just got simpler and a lot more automated.


Complex technology – simple to use

The scanner unit selected by Rinas, along with its software, is intuitive and so easy-to-use that scanner configuration and job definition are not rocket science to understand. Data fields are created and linked using appropriate code, and illumination times can be pre-configured to suit the card medium being scanned. The complete task is stored in the scanner unit as well as the host controller. Previously configured jobs or tasks can be called up to be reused, edited or saved as a new task.


One scanner for quality control of personalization tasks

The scanner is ideally suited for on-the-fly verification of a previous printing task. Not only can a check be made on the validity of the print, but also whether the print area is within predefined limits or even if the ink has run out or failed to print on the card. This system provides the right features, and is a must have accessory for any stringent, image-based, quality control.

Codetypen / OCR

Unterstützte Barcodes

Unterstützte Barcodes

Unterstüzte Matrix-Codes

Unterstützte Schriftarten

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