High-speed magnetic card encoder

Top speed that delivers

With the Rinas HWR high-speed magnetic card encoder you can considerably increase the speed of your production and clearly pull away from the competition. Thanks to the highly developed technology, minimum set-up and maintenance times, and a continuous inline card test, you can be absolutely sure that your production is economical.

Top speed: 18,000 magnetic cards cards an hour on up to 3 tracks simultaneously

The Rinas HWR reliably encodes and accurately reads up to 18,000 magnetic cards or paper tickets an hour. Software switching between HICO and LOCO along with its ability to write and read up to 3 tracks simultaneously set this unit apart.

Absolutely safe: continuous testing and individual encoding

The Rinas HWR automatically executes an inline check of each individual card thus ensuring perfect quality assurance. This includes a plausibility check as well as a check of header bits, start and end characters, parity, bit density and the calculation of checksums of all standard and customer specific norms. This authentification of the read-back data is performed via an independent device (HSR10) and, as such is completely independent of the encoding. In addition, this read-back information can be transmitted to the host system to undertake subsequent verification of the encoded information. The Rinas HWR can be set up for various types of encoding, such as ISO 7810/7811, AAMVA, JIS, Visa Mini Card, and on request even process individual bit codings.

Considerably longer operating life thanks to intelligent magnetic head technology

The read and write heads of the Rinas HWR can be positioned by software to suit the relevant thickness of the card. This not only reduces the applied force to the necessary amount but is kind to both hardware and the cards. The HICO and LOCO heads can be mechanically separated from each other depending on the configuration; those magnetic heads which are not currently required can be retracted at any time thereby considerably reducing wear and tear. The magnetic head unit will automatically signal when head relacement is necessary.

Variable and easy to integrate

The Rinas HWR processes plastic and paper cards in formats corresponding to ISO 7810/7811 as well as cards in all special sizes (e.g. gift cards) up to 204 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick. Transparent, metallic and even embossed cards are also possible to encode. The fact that the cards are transported straight through the device allows the Rinas HWR to fit perfectly into existing production lines.

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