Accessory that complements the Rinas encoders

Complementing its well-known encoding solutions, Rinas also provides a range of tried-and-tested accessories, which can be combined with a stand-alone encoder to create a complete card personalization system.

Electronic card flipper for 180° card rotation along its leading edge

Magnetic stripe and chip cards, in particular, have a preferred manner in which they are fed into an encoding station: e.g. magnetic stripe bottom right.

If this card has to be printed on the same side then generally it needs to be flipped over by 180° since printers tend to print better with the print head positioned above the card. The same procedure can also be applied during card scanning where, prior to encoding, some information needs to be gathered and interpreted which may just be on the flip side of the card.

It is exactly in these scenarios where the Rinas FLO flipper enters service.


Reliable card rotation for a range of materials and sizes

Our flipper unit, in its standard form, accepts ID-1 sized cards. Both plastic and paper cards of differing thicknesses can be processed although a different set of transport rollers needs to be installed when considering paper.

The flipper unit is intelligent and can monitor the card’s position readjusting itself before the rotation phase begins. In doing so, even when the transport rollers are worn, the card’s position is just as accurate.

The cards can be issued from the unit on the same or flip side to enable the unit to be used as a transport only device in the case where card flipping is not required.


Device control / interfaces

The flipper unit has its own control electronics comprising 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs to be used (upon consultation) for custom-specific purposes.

In addition, the unit possesses its own serial (RS232) and two CAN interfaces for control purposes.

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