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This high-resolution monochrome ink-jet printing system for paper and plastic cards* is based on trusted HP print technology and utilizes the same ink-jet expertise in daily use by millions of office printers. Up to 4 ruggedized print units, each fitted with a dedicated print cartridge with an integrated print head, can be cascaded for print height variation at a 12.7 mm pitch. The high speed at which the printing is performed makes this solution an ideal complement to the Rinas LWR encoding systems.

Next-level personalization

The Rinas DTM printing system, comprising print head(s), drying unit and transport component for ID-1 cards, has a choice of printing inks to match any given job, and is the best choice to extend personalization options on the LWR range of encoding stations. These sturdy, long-lived and technologically advanced monochrome printing units, with resolutions up to 600 dpi, integrate easily into existing personalization machines and systems. The control electronics are embedded within the module, which is addressed using a standard Ethernet - TCP/IP protocol while a digital positioning unit ensures the head can be traversed with ease to its required destination.

Simple yet secure operation

A web server built in to this sophisticated product enables the user to operate the controller - even remotely - with nothing more than a standard web browser or, more conventionally, through the built-in Ethernet interface. A VNC server is also integrated for simple remote maintenance and provides support for SSL-encrypted data transmission and thereby stands up to today‘s elevated security requirements. Ink-level monitoring, auto-stop functionality when limits are undercut, several control outputs and a product sensor capable of recognizing transparent cards are all part of the standard delivery. Several common fonts are pre-installed, but you are free to install your own corporate fonts as necessary.

Logos, alphanumeric texts, 2D, DataMatrix and barcode printing

With its integrated Ethernet interface and full Unicode support, the Rinas print system is the perfect choice for the smaller card personalization bureau operating anywhere in the world! The card layout is created using the freely available PC-software supplied with the unit in which fonts and their sizes can be adjusted and barcodes or 2D-codes designed. An intuitive software tool provides the interface between the layout and customer data that are to be encoded on the chosen medium (magnet, RFID or chip.) These prepared packets are then transferred to the print module/encoder unit so that personalization can begin.

*We recommend printing on test samples beforehand to ensure ink adhesion and resilience to rubbing or fading are satisfactory.

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Founded by Wilfried Rinas in 1984 in Aftholderberg, a small community between Pfullendorf and Überlingen on Lake Constance, Rinas Gerätetechnik GmbH very quickly became one of the world´s leading companies in the magnetic and chip card technology sector.


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You are unlikely to find anyone who knows more about magnetic strip technology than we do. And this extraordinary expertise forms the basis of our greatest strength: the development of individual services and tailor-made hard- and software for the OEM, Analysis/QA, Production, Desktop and Accessories sectors.


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Making top-quality devices and machines is one thing. Developing technologies is another. And that is exactly what has always driven us: the continuous search for new and optimum solutions to suit the requirements of our customers.

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