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Analysis system for checking the encoding as well as measuring magnetic attributes.

Regardless of the thickness of the card, both plastic and paper cards can be checked. Only the magnetic head required touches the magnetic strip during the check. At the same time, the technically well-devised head holder together with our highly-precise spindle drive makes it possible to work with a very low applied force. This procedure lengthens the operating life of the heads and is kind to the magnetic strip.

An overview of the Rinas analysis system MDA:

  • According to ISO/IEC 7811 and ISO/IEC 10373 norms
  • HICO and LOCO in one device
  • Checks the encoding of the magnetic strip
  • Checks the magnetic properties of a magnetic strip (saturation curve)
  • Encoding of the magnetic strip
  • Checks thin flexible cards (TFC)
  • Freely adjustable track positions (from central to lateral strip)
  • Write head is not in contact with the magnetic strip during the analysis of the read voltage


  • Logging of measure data and test results in a logfile
  • Network connection
  • Connecting a barcode reader
  • Rinas USZ switching box for connecting several devices to one control system

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