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This multifunctional RFID encoder has been designed to process both paper and plastic ID-1 sized or nonstandard sized RFID cards and tickets. The speed at which this is achieved is very much dependent on the RFID tag type, the data to be programmed and its encryption.

Turbo boost through intelligent parallel programming

High performance microcontrollers have made it possible to process multiple RFID cards in parallel. Depending on the type of card, programming can take up to 30 seconds, which inevitably reduces the throughput quite drastically to approx. 120 cards per hour! So, for example, if given a charge of 5,000 cards needs personalizing this task would take some 42 hours to complete.

This is where the ingenious Rinas parallel processing concept comes to fruition. The Rinas RFT is a cascadable stacker in which the number of RFID antennas is determined by you, but is currently limited to 6.

Increased throughput guaranteed

Given that 6 antennas are installed, then the theoretical throughput is increased 6-fold to just 5 seconds per card, which is equivalent to 720 cards per hour! Referring to the earlier example, this methodology reduces the overall time to completion to just 7 hours - a whopping saving of 35 hours.

Maximum flexibility

Different card substrates with varying thicknesses can be processed without any mechanical adjustment and even processing card sizes outside the ID-1 standard is possible. The parallel functionality can be software deactivated without great overhead to suit your requirements and optimize the throughput - e.g. for reading the UID.

Limitless expandability and compatibility

The built-in card transport mechanism makes it possible for the unit to be placed inline within an existing perso environment. However, when combined with our high-speed magnetic card encoder, scanner and print system, the unit becomes a dedicated perso station in its own right occupying little more than a keyboard and monitor on a typical desk.

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