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With its TCS-WR, Rinas presents a very efficient inline encoding system providing both high-speed and high-quality level.

TCS-WR enables you to encode magnetic stripe tickets directly after the process of laminating or printing the stripe on the tickets. Within the printing machine and before fanfolding or coiling the web or cutting it into single tickets. This creates added value within the printing process without reducing the speed of printing. After encoding the tickets are continuously tested providing 100% of quality. Instead of random testing every single ticket gets verified during the production process. TCS-WR generates a protocol and by using the error signal you can also control a sorting or marking unit. Your benefit: 100% satisfied customers.

Rinas TCS-WR is simple to control and easy to maintain. Writing and reading heads can be changed without using any tools.

Typical Applications:

  • Production and quality assurance of magstripe tickets on a web printing machine.
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