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Rinas products will get your production going.

High-end devices, such as the new Rinas HWR 20 and the Rinas PCS, enable astoundingly reliable, flexible and secure magnetic strip encoding in large production runs in an extremely short time. At the same time, intelligent technology of the latest generation ensures minimum maintenance costs and an extraordinarily long operating life.

MingsenMGIHummel PrintInnovatime IndustrieIFBAustria CardRaiffeisendruckereiAtlantic ZeiserEmperorG+DNovoFograFleischhauerIdemiaScheidt+BachmannMaticaHIDMühlbauerKünneckeMingsenMGIHummel PrintInnovatime IndustrieIFBAustria CardRaiffeisendruckereiAtlantic ZeiserEmperorG+DNovoFograFleischhauerIdemiaScheidt+BachmannMaticaHIDMühlbauerKünnecke

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