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The desktop mounted MAG-TESTER REVO is based on a precision flat test table and is designed to ISO/IEC 7811-2, 7811-6, 7811-8, 10373-2, JIS 6501 type I & II, JIS 6502, IATA 722e, etc. certification level test standards.

Other and custom test limits may be set up as additional test programs. The MAG-TESTER REVO connects to a standard PC or notebook computer running a Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Windows 7 operating system via a USB connection for easy and “go anywhere” installation, and can be used in the most demanding industrial environments as well as in the laboratory.

The most accurate magnetic stripe analyser available today

All MAG-TESTER REVO units come complete with ‘standard’ test programs, but they can be extended for advanced users through a scripting option. This makes the REVO an all-in-one machine that is able to tackle verification tasks on more advanced magnetic stripe applications, such as gift cards or non-standard media forms including:

  • Cards – including Visa Mini, curved cards, transparent cards, etc.
  • Tickets – paper, parking, airline, etc.
  • Documents – including savings books, pass books, passports, etc.
  • Unusually shaped magnetic stripe carriers – gift cards, etc.

The MAG-TESTER REVO is the most accurate magnetic stripe analyser available today and is the choice of Certification Laboratories around the globe. Card manufacturers and test laboratories can use the REVO to check the integrity of their magnetic media either in a batch or individually, and perform a range of media/encoding tests that determine:

  • Magnetic Material Characteristics: The saturation curve function enables the mag. stripe material to be tested to see if it conforms with the standards. Good encoding is only possible on ‘standard conforming materials’, which will then operate error-free in practice.

The REVO can be used for:

  • Encoding quality control – wear and tear of the encoding machine and record heads can be responsible for jitter and amplitude errors.
  • The creation of test limit cards with defined values e.g. jitter and amplitude, to verify the correct operation of card readers.
  • Configurable track offset for read and write heads. This function too can be used for test limit card creation or to test the track position of encoded cards.
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