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Motorised card separator for all standard card thicknesses.

With controllable sorter speed and empty shaft recognition.

Capacity: 250 cards with a thickness of 0.76mm.

A larger 500 card capacity unit is also available as an option for cards of this thickness.

The PBX Electronics

PBX Electronics

The PBX electronics control the motors. Sensors in the unit (e.g. KVW, KLE) control the card separation and stacking operations.

The card separation process includes the separation of a single card from the stack, its transport out of the module (KVW) and the resetting of the module to its starting position.

The separation process is triggered by:

  • the closure of a contact
  • a command via the RS232 or CAN interfaces
  • automatically via a timed event

The standard procedure is through contact closure.

The same electronics can also be used to control the sorting mechanism of the KLE card stacker. In this case, a control signal must be sent from the host to the electronics to distinguish good cards from bad allowing the bad ones to fall into the 'reject box'.

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