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We want you to be able to work as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Which is why we not only develop and deliver high-tech devices, but also clever accessories which can make your production simpler and more efficient.

Card separators

Rinas has two versions of card separator, both of which require an electronic logic controller and do not operate with compressed air or use vacuum components thereby enabling them to be used in an office environment. Precision engineered parts cater for industrial environments, especially where greater card throughput is required. The KVW separator has been designed to separate plastic cards of various thicknesses, and an individual calibration facility enables the customer to cater for a particular thickness. The PVW separator, on the other hand, is particularly suited to paper tickets or cards or where increased throughput is required.

Card stackers

Several card stackers are available of which two, the KLE and KLF, are possibly unique: the card ordering remains the same from the separation stage to the stacking! The KLA stacker, with a capacity of 600 cards (0.8 mm thick) reverses the ordering, has its own controller and is motorized. The KLA includes a good / bad sorting mechanism (KLE is optional) and operates using a magazine system which, when full, can be simply and rapidly emptied or replaced with an empty one. Both the KLA and KLE units can handle cards of different thicknesses without modification.

Additional accessories

Other accessories, such as a scanner for barcode or matrix code recognition as well as text, and monochrome printer unit are also available.

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