Affordable Universal Encoding

Compact personalization machines for the card and ticketing market are plentiful and packaged elegantly for the desktop market but their reliance on home-grown expertise in the form of encoders or print modules is often their shortfall.

They are relatively simple to use but tend to be expensive to operate when considering their consumables – and of course the majority of them just cannot process paper tickets or cater for different MagStripe encoding schemes. Servicing of these units is also a factor not to be ignored – especially when considering the quality of encoding if it is to fulfill ISO standards, for example.

The Rinas CS-LWR compact universal encoder breaks ranks with its precision engineered LWR core for reliable 24/7 industrial application. Maintaining the desktop footprint, the CS-LWR role-model is packed with features found only on larger personalization machines but at desktop prices! Using commercially available print technology based on sound HP technology and industrial-grade scanner equipment with comprehensive software, the CS-LWR is truly designed for industrial application where the production of mid-sized batches is called for.

Customization and serviceability are key characteristics built into the heart of the CS-LWR and a wide-range of accessories complete the unit’s very polished specification. With the CS-LWR, you can start producing cards at up to 3,600 per hour with nothing more than a PC and a CSV document filled with your encoding information.

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