OptiCard IND500

Industrial Counter

The most advanced digital counter for ISO and non-standard cards



Counter model: OptiCard IND500

Counting method:
High-resolution 2D digital imaging and advanced image processing

Card types:

PVC, ABS, PET, PC, Polyester, paper, laminated paper, metal, and more; white, black, colored, clear, translucent; plain, printed, embossed, embedded, injection molded

Card dimensions:

ISO and non-standard (thicker or thinner than ISO, from 0.2mm to 6mm; cards of virtually any size; custom shapes – optional)

Counting speed:

500 cards @ 2-6 seconds

On-screen information:

Card type, image & description, quantity to verify, user/batch/job info, up to 100 consecutive counting results, statistical information, and more

Standard features:

User-friendly operation, full counting report, Report Viewer program including viewing, editing, printing & exporting data to CSV/TXT, easy software upgrade, remote access option for upgrade & maintenance, user guide (PDF), and more.

Special features:

Adjustable imaging module for focusing on non-standard cards, automatic calibration for new card types, built-in DVD-RW drive (for service purposes), counting of cello wrapped sleeves (optional), localized language for the main screen & reports (optional)

User interface:

17″ touchscreen LCD display, optical mouse


2 x USB2 (for keyboard, printer, flash memory), 1 x LAN (for remote access), 1 x RS232 (for data transfer)


220VAC (50Hz) 2A or 110VAC (60Hz) 4A
Uninterruptible Power Supply (for preventing computer failure)


Approx. 100 Kg (220 Lb)


Net weight: 510g (without charger); Gross weight: 830g