After successfully placing a monochrome DOD printing system on the market, Rinas is now taking the next step and expanding its product portfolio to include a 4-color DOD printing system. Using different color mixes, images, logos and texts can be printed in a wide variety of colours – even the printing of color gradients is possible. Extensive software enables the data to be converted in real-time and print color adjustments can be defined with the help of dedicated colour profiles and adapted to suit individual customer requirements. The transfer of data at runtime makes it possible, for example, to print different images from card to card. The printing speed is identical to the monochrome system with up to 15,000 cph being achievable. Wishing to print “white”? No problem! The Rinas printing system is so flexible that another print head, for “white printing”, can be added. At Rinas we would be happy to convince you of our print quality through print samples or you can send us your layout and Rinas will print some samples for you. Product DOD