Universelles Codier-System

Rinas kann ein kompaktes Personalisierungs-System anbieten. Erfassung von vorpersonalisierten Daten mit einem Scanner, Codierung der Karten (Magnetstreifen, Chip und RFID), Drucken mittels einem Ink-Jet System.


Aftholderberg, Germany, October 2012 – Compact personalization machines for the card and ticketing market are plentiful and available in nearly all corners of the world. Many rely on home-grown expertise in the form of encoders or print modules and are packaged elegantly for the desktop market. While simple to use, however, these systems do tend to be expensive to operate when considering their rate of thermal transfer film usage for printing or film overlays for perfectly shiny personalized cards – and of course the majority of them just cannot process paper tickets or cater for different MagStripe encoding schemes. Servicing of these units is also a factor not to be ignored – especially when considering the quality of the MagStripe encoding and its fulfillment of ISO standards, for example.

Rinas, already the market leader with more than 25 years’ experience developing MagStripe encoding solutions, has united the widely-incorporated LWR universal encoder with scan and print functionality. The small-footprint LWR, with its unsurpassed MagStripe encoding of all three HICO/LOCO tracks simultaneously, is able to process effortlessly RFID and Smart Cards too if the customer incorporates the prerequisite hardware and software. While the LWR is a master at encoding and verifying paper or plastic cards on all three personalization levels, it lacked a homogenous print and scan solution. If required, this know-how had to be bought in or at least be familiar to the customer.

This piecemeal integration, according to Armin Rinas, was unsatisfactory for both the end user and manufacturer as potential grey areas would eat into the integration budget. The “CS-LWR” – Figure 1 – was created to reduce unnecessary integration overhead and follows a building-block principle. If a scanning option, for example, is required for print verification, OCR tasks, barcode or 2D code recognition, then an out-of-the-box solution can be shipped directly to the customer. Monochrome printing is also available which, depending on the configuration, is able to accommodate up to 4 print heads for print height variation at a 12.7 mm pitch. The complete LWR is typically shipped with card separator and stacker and processes MagStripe cards at speeds up to 2,400 cph.

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