Ultra-fast 1200 x 600 dpi monochrome thermal drop-on-demand printer

The latest cost-effective monochrome printing solution to complement the Rinas range of MagStripe, RFID and Smart Card encoding solutions

Aftholderberg, Germany, November 2017
Rinas has done it again – this time premiering at the 2017 Trustech in Cannes, France with its latest printing solution incorporating state-of-the-art thermal drop-on-demand (DoD) components. With a print-head width of 54 mm, the printer is able to print plastic and paper ID-1 sized cards in a borderless fashion at resolutions up to 1,200 x 600 dpi without unnecessary ink expenditure. Currently, Rinas is offering a monochrome only print solution with this technology based on white or black inks.

For the manufacturer, DoD printing can be challenging at best but for the user, at least, the task is easier as ‘only’ one new process has to be learned. DoD printing requires the ink to be positioned exactly where it is required while the card or ticket is being transported. Since Rinas has full control of its card transportation, this mammoth undertaking is somewhat simplified. The result: perfect reproduction of all card elements, including images, barcodes, logos and fonts etc. with a durable slightly raised structure comprising crisp defining edges without any additional overlay.

In addition to functionality, scalability, data integrity and ease of use, it is important to recognize that with DoD-based card personalization systems printing quality should not be overlooked. The result of years of R&D and hands-on experience have topped up the Rinas knowledge base ensuring the correct UV-cured inks are used for proper contrast on preprinted artwork, and/or durability on blank (white) typically PVC, polycarbonate or ABS substrate materials1.).

Coupled with the Rinas software for layout control and database extraction, this DoD printing solution is the ideal complement to the Rinas CS-LWR, CS-SWR and SWR range of intelligent MagStripe, RFID and Smart Card encoders.

1.) Material characteristics play a huge roll with almost any liquid ink printing solution and Rinas recommends samples be made available before reaching a commercial decision.

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