ID-1 and Gift Card MagStripe Encoder with CardAccelerator™ Technology

The Rinas SWR receives a makeover that boosts throughput and introduces loyalty card encoding into the bargain.

The widely known Rinas SWR MagStripe encoder has been given a makeover that boosts throughput to some 6,000 cards per hour using the Rinas CardAccelerator™ technology. Advances in magnetic head design combined with optimized software algorithms and improved firmware enable the unit to be fitted with just 2 heads – one for writing and one for reading – in place of the usual three head design.

The SWR processes both LOCO and HICO plastic cards and paper tickets between 300 Oe and 4,000 Oe; hidden MagStripe cards; embossed; coloured or even transparent ID-1 or gift cards. The gift card or loyalty card option enables different card widths up to approx. 140 mm to be catered for.

The Rinas think-tank incorporated yet another feature into the design – the ability for the unit to encode dedicated cards for the Japanese market. An extra transport module with encoding head positioning on the opposing side is simply tacked on to the end of the SWR module for single-pass processing.

If amplitude supervision for improved QA is a requirement then an additional read logic in the form of the Rinas ISS-Light can be installed that comprises dedicated signal processing electronics. Evaluation criteria can be individually defined such that the result is a 100% check against these requirements. Working in this manner enables the quality of the card’s encoding to be adjusted to suit its proposed use.

Designed primarily as an OEM drop-in unit, the SWR can also be combined with a variety of Rinas accessories including, for example, a range of card separators and stackers (with good/bad sorting) and a professional scanner unit for OCR text or barcode/QR code recognition. For final personalization that includes printing and card flipping, please contact Rinas directly.

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